RIP Ticket

Wouldn’t you love to have the ultimate, electrifying Rock Star package to get Spooky at Electric Halloween RIP-style? For a limited time only, we are offering an exclusive Really Important Person package! This Package is scarce and you don’t want to miss out on these festival amenities that will make you SCREAM. Time to get into the Dark Haunted Forest and be a part of all the Dreams and Nightmares in which only few will partake. So be the first ever Spooky RIP Pass Holders and have a weekend you’ll never forget. Don’t be scared, with this exclusive package you’ll have access to the festival like never before.
PLUS compared to any other VIP Packages at ANY other event, this is the best deal you’ll ever have being a pampered Really Important Person.


October 18-19, 2019


Southwind Vineyard
385 Lebanon Road
Millville, NJ 08332