$85 Weekend Tickets On Sale Now! 

Please read FAQ’s and Rules below before purchasing tickets!

Day Passes

Day passes can be purchased at the ticket booth for $50. You may camp overnight, but you must be out by 10am the next morning. There is a $10 parking fee for each vehicle. 

Weekend Passes

Weekend passes wil be $85 online, and $95 at the ticket booth. Passes include camping. There is a $10 parking fee for each vehicle. Re-entry is allowed.

RV/Camper Info

RV and campers are welcome, but there are no hookups located at this venue. There is a $20 parking fee for each RV/camper.

Upgrade to VIP!

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Before purchasing your tickets...

Understand and agree to our most important rules:
NO outside liquor
NO illegal substances (including perscription drugs that do not match your ID)
NO weapons (costume weapons must be plastic)
NO fireworks 
NO glass containers of any kind
NO sexual harassment
NO fighting
NO fires (one foot off the ground fire pits ok)

These are rules we take very seriously in order to keep our festival safe and fun for everyone. Be respectful of those around you. Anyone is subject to being ejected from the event at any time by either the event organizers or landowner without refund.

Please read the F.A.Q’s below. If you have any other questions, please contact us.


Can day passes camp?
Yes! However, you must be out by 10am the next morning. Wristbands will be checked.

Can we have a campfire?
There are NO ground fires allowed. Elevated fire pits that are one foot or more off the ground are acceptable. Please register (for free) your fire pit at the ticket booth upon arrival. Do not pour alcohol, gasoline, or any other flammable substance onto the fire.

Can I reserve a camping spot?
No. All camping is first come first serve. If you want your friends near you, arrange to get there early and around the same time.

Are there showers?
There are no showers at the venue.

Are there quiet camping areas?
The further away from the stage you camp, the quiter it will be. Expect music to play until 11pm outside.

Is there RV camping?
RV and campers are welcome, but there are no hookups located at this venue. There is a $20 parking fee for each RV/camper.


What is the cost of parking?
Parking will be $10 for every vehicle and $20 for RV/campers. It's a one time fee. 

Will there be re-entry?
Re-entry will be permitted, but do not bring back hidden passengers. You only need to pay the parking fee once, you will not be charged for re-entry. Get there early to make sure your car is parked in a place where it will not be blocked in.

Is there car camping?
Yes. You can pull your car right up to your campsite. Car camping may be limited. Please arrive early to reserve your spot.

Other Information

What if I purchased a pass and can't make it, can I get a refund?
A refund is only issued on a cancelled event basis.

What are prohibited items?
Drugs, fireworks, guns, knives, or anything that can be used as a weapon. Costume weapons must be plastic. No katanas, throwing stars, scissorhands, chainsaws, or any other real weapons allowed. 

Can I bring my dog/pet?
Yes, but all pets must be on leashes at all times.

Can I promote my event there/hand out flyers?
In an effort to reduce waste, we are not allowing anyone to hand out mass amounts of flyers. We do have advertisment packages which includes displaying posters at the event and handing out flyers to attendees at the door at the end of the event. Email grandairebooking@gmail.com to find out more.


October 18-19, 2019


Southwind Vineyard
385 Lebanon Road
Millville, NJ 08332